Crystal and Isabella

Jen attended the birth of our 4th child and was my first experience having a doula. Her personalized care and attention throughtout our pregnancy, birth and postpartum was beyond all my expectations. She was able to help us organise our thoughts and plans for the arrival of our daughter. I know my husband was grateful to have someone supporting not just me but him also in the birth process. Our delivery was long and Jen stayed by our side for 36 hours as well as helping us directly after the birth. I can not say enough good things about our experience!

Thanks for being with us as we welcomed our baby!

Amber and Steele

This was my best delivery so far out of 4. Don't get me wrong, a baby in the end healthy and safe in your arms is the best feeling in the world. However for me, this round I showed myself my own strength and determination. I let my body do the work and I love the feeling I have now. I was able to push aside any medical assistance unlike before and I believe this to be from the the support that I needed and that for me was gained from Jen. While I was a little sad that the tub was feet away (I could hear it running) and it didnt follow my "birth plan" to a tee! I in the end didn't need the water, the drugs or the epidural. I had someone batting for me.

Jen, even on crutches, was at my bed side. Sending me what I can only describe as "positive vibes" of hope and strength. She listened to me in the moment, she watched my body moves and my expressions. She trusted me, even when the nurses didn't trust their monitors. Even while the nurses and even my family got a little nervous (the baby's heart-rate dropped), Jen stood at my side and was my calm. She did a trick with her finger, pressing my forehead and telling me to loosen my brow. This allowed me to focus my mind on that very area verse the pain and pressure I felt and could not control. When they finally told me I was not able to get into the tub, I felt my spirit start to drop. Jen stood next to me and in my ear said "You are already doing this, You can do it." She boosted my ego and gave me the confidence I needed to trust my body. And I persevered.
After the delivery, she nicely stepped back and let us embrace our baby boy. She was very open minded to personal space, even when we did not really set grounds. She at the right time, talked to me and cared for me while everyone else was in a baby frenzy.


Lief's Grandma

Jen, you are amazing! Your comforting gentle spirit and knowledge surely steadied our own spirits during big boy Leif's birth! Thank you! Thank you! A thousand times thank you!


Adrienne and Lief


Heather and Lauren

I will always know how blessed I was to have Jennifer assist in the delivery of my daughter. Jennifer is an amazing woman whose strength yet nurturing ways put me and my husband at ease. I connected with her and trusted her knowledge. When I reached the point to start pushing, I positioned myself and after the first push wanted to quit. I started to panic. Jennifer locked eyes with me and gently assured me that I could keep going. She knew my fear and she reassured me that yes I could keep going not in a drill sergeant way but in a “I totally have confidence in you” way. Labor really is intense it pulls emotional feelings that can consume you. It is great to have a woman who you can trust and who understands that all woman are different and handle labor differently. I treasure the gift of her presence during my delivery.